Applied Clinical/Private Practice

Fees 2015

Please note that the changes below are the first changes made in 10 years.


Evaluations:  $400 to $800

Therapy sessions: $100 to $360 depending on duration


 120 minutes $360.

    90 minutes $270

    60 minutes $180

    45 minutes $150

    30 minutes $100.

Psychological Testing/Assessments:  $200 to $800 (2 to 8 hours)

$100 per unit (hour). [This does not include the time for you to complete measures. It does include professional time for instructions, answering your questions, scoring, interpretation, report writing, discussions with you, and cost of the software and testing materials. ]

Phone-based therapy: $100 to $200 depending on time
             15 to 30 minutes $100

 30 to 45 minutes $150.

             45 to 60 minutes $200



Routine letters to insurance companies - No charge 

Brief summary letter to your other health care professionals  (including dates of service, diagnosis, and brief summary)- No charge

Detailed letter to other health care professionals - $200. to $500. 

Special letters - $200. to $800. depending on complexity.


Missed Sessions: (without adequate notice) $50. to $100.


I am a Blue Cross/Blue Shield preferred in-network provider.

I can provide documentation of sessions for patients submitting claims to other insurance companies.

I am not a Medicare Provider.


Sliding Scale:  I do not have a sliding scale. However, I sometimes provide discounts.

Discounts: I provide discounts (e.g. 20 % off regular fees) in special circumstances


These fee options are for your convenience if you are unable to send a check or pay with cash. Not all fees are currently listed. Please contact me with any questions.