My Dear Grandchildren,


This part of the website is for my family and especially for my grandchildren. It is my way to share with you lots of information and stories about our family including about me. I live far away from most of you and it is very difficult for us to be together often and when we are together there is usually very little time to talk about anything that I am putting into my website.

From Grandpa Mark,

    for my grandchildren, their parents

    and others in my family


Grandpa Mark

for his grandchildren and their parents


Table of Contents

Introduction and overview


My Mother, Pearl, and her family

My Biological Father, Harry Taylor, and his family – The Taylor family

Death of my father Harry when I was age 4

My adoptive Father, Sol Schwartz, and his family – The Schwartz family

My Childhood

Growing up in Miami Beach, Florida

Other family members I remember

My College Years at the U. of Miami and U. of Southern California

Graduate School at the U. of Texas, Austin, TX

Marriage 1 -- Marta

Most important people in my life until now

First 3 children: Angela Rene, Ian Scott, Cindy Michelle

Post-Doctoral Year at UCLA

Moving to Rochester, MN and starting work at Mayo Clinic

Raising a family in Rochester

Who were the major people in my professional life?

Between marriage and raising three children

Marriage 2 -- Lora

4th child: David Israel

More about my four children

Raising a family in Rochester, MN

My medical psychology career at Mayo Clinic Rochester 1967 to 1988

Introducing and developing behavior therapies from 1970

Introducing and developing biofeedback therapies from 1974

Providing neuropsychological assessments

Providing personality assessments

Being a sex therapist

My research

Alpine snow skier 1979 - 1989

Israel: My trips, experiences, dignitaries, and effects on me 1973, 1977, 1980.

My transfer to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville 1988 to 2004

Why did I move?

What was good and not good about moving to Jacksonville?

Marriage 3 -- Nancy

Nancy’s son/my step-sons – Shane & Jesse

Halcyon Days - the 26 foot cabin cruiser boat I used to own – Adventures and other stories.

My digging holes, gardening and landscaping

What did I do?

Why did I do it?

Other questions.


My 8 citrus trees – 4 different types of orange trees, 1 grapefruit, 1 tangerine,  tangelo, kumquat

My contributions to national organizations.

President, Biofeedback Society of America (1987-88)

Chairperson, Biofeedback Certification Institution of America (1981-1984)

Speaker of the General Assembly, National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies

My book: Biofeedback: A Practitioner’s Guide

1st Edition 1987

2nd Edition 1995

3rd Edition 2003

4th Edition (2015)

Living in Jacksonville, FL

Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville

Why I transferred there?

Chairperson of Psychology, 1988 to 2004

Why I retired in 2004?

Death of my mother age 87 (1996)

Death of my second-father age 87 (1999)

My medical history –

Reasons for sharing this :

•        For you •    Sharing how I have managed

Polio age 8

Quintuple (5) Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABG) – different from a cabbage patch kid.

Heart attack

Double coronary stents

Skin Cancers


Retirement – The Years 2004 to the Present – What do I do?

My gardening and landscaping

Teaching Psychology courses at the U. of North Florida as an Adjunct Professor

My clinical private practice

My writings

Other professional activities

Family activities

Being a medical patient

More of the most important people in my life

Reflections and thoughts, More

My faults as I view them?

My strengths as I view them

What are my views about inheriting my personality and health problems?

What am I most proud of in my life?

What are my views about religions and spirituality?

What are my thoughts about Israel?

What are my views about politics?

Poker playing and what it meant to me

What are my views about owning a handgun?

Why did I drive sports cars for 20 years?

Why do I drove such a large SUV now?

Advice to and Suggestions for my grandchildren.

[More Topics will be added.

My observations about the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE

What would I have done differently?

What else would you like to know from me?

How I manage stress in my life and examples?

Offering you ideas to help you manage stress in your life as you get older

Photo Gallery. I will put in hundreds of photos and put captions on most of them.

I am going to be writing about all the Family section topics over several months, perhaps the next year or more. I will add to it periodically. I will edit or rewrite some to add more and explain better.

The End [not yet]

Thank you dear grandchildren, and your parents (my understanding children), for allowing you to read this section, see the photos, and helping you write to me and to each other.

I want you to always know that you can ask me anything about anything I already wrote or anything that I have not yet written.

I hope to put in sections for each of you so that you can tell me what you are doing, how you feel, and share photos with me, your cousins, and your aunts and uncles.

With much love,

Grandpa Mark