Purposes of this website

This website serves several purposes. These include:

  • Fulfill a long held desire to have a website that allows me to facilitate and accomplish many of my endeavors. 

  • Provide a vehicle to communicate to and hear from my family, friends, professional colleagues, other professionals, and the interested public.

  • Provide a description and details about my clinical practice 

  • Provide a special vehicle for me to communicate with my grandchildren about my life and views about a wide range of topics. 

  • Provide a vehicle to develop and complete books that I have been working on and to facilitate collaboration with others. 

  • Provide a place to efficiently store and make available my accumulated professional and organizational documents, including letters, publications, patient education materials, and other archival materials in order to make them available to all interested persons. 

  • Provide access to prior and current products for which I wrote or developed alone or in collaboration with others, and provide access to newly developed and other products. 

  • Provide links to selected educational and other websites for use by students, patients/clients, and others. 

  • Provide links to selected commercial sites for products that I have found useful for special topics such as managing anxiety, anger, worry, and safety for persons traveling after major cardiac events. 

  • Provide access to information about my consultation services, public education presentations, individual lectures, workshops, and university –level courses. 

  • Provide parts or all of some of my slide presentations. 

  • Provide information to patients/clients, students, and others for helping them understand some psychological, psychophysiological, and medical symptoms and disorders.

  • Provide stress management information and educational information for use by patients/clients, students, and others. 

  • Provide a practical, satisfying, enriching way for me to engage in the above activities of interest including communication with others if physical conditions provide limits for me as I get older.