Welcome Family

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Some of you have reached ages when you might want to read some of this. Some of you are still young and I understand that some of all of this is of no interest. I understand and accept the idea that you might not want to read or hear about some of it and when we are together perhaps might not want to talk about it but I assume that some of you want to read about it now or in the future.

This Family section is one way I have to “talk” with you about some stuff that is important to me.


Some of the stories and information I want to share is about family members like my parents and other family like uncles, aunts, and cousins. Your mom or dad know some of the information and stories but I think that most of it they don’t know or might have forgotten. Some that they remember might not be complete. There is some information and stories that even your parents don’t know.


This website allows me to share a lot of that and sometimes “set the record straight.” That means for me to write about some things with my memories and opinions that I think are more accurate and more complete than others remember. Sometimes maybe my memories will not be totally accurate but what I write is the best I can remember and believe is most accurate.


I know that some of this history and information might be boring to you. That’s okay. You can skim read it or skip it for now. Maybe, when you are older you will be interested and then read it. Maybe your mom or dad will be interested in some of it even if you are not. The “bottom line” is that I will write about as much as I can write about lots of topics that I want to share with you and other people in the family.


So, these are the reasons I am starting this Family section for you, for your parents, and for others in our family.


Nana Nancy part: There is another part of this Family section for Grandma Nancy for when she wants to write about herself and her life for the family. She has a very big family.