Biofeedback: A Practioner’s Guide (4th Edition)

Mark S. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Frank Andrasik, Ph.D. (Editors)

As part of the development of the 4th Edition of Biofeedback: A Practitioner’s Guide, we are developing a website supplement to the printed text published by Guilford Publications. This supplement is being developed on this website.

The rationale for this supplement includes:

  • Reducing the number of pages compared with the prior edition
  • Permitting the addition of several new chapters
  • Facilitating added content for all chapters that would not and could not be published in the printed text
  • Allowing periodic updating of content by authors
  • Adding an item bank available to selected qualified professionals
  • Providing an opportunity for readers to make comments and ask questions

The 2nd and 3rd Editions of this book involved considerable updating, major changes, and many additions. The same is true for the 4th Edition. There are many new chapters, considerable updating of many chapters, and several additions such as the website supplement.

The website supplement will be available  in 2016. Each chapter number is listed with links to Google Documents.

Note that the website supplements will not substitute in any way for the printed text.

Guilford Press has is shipping the hardcover of the Fourth Edition as of March2016 and the softcover as of April 2017.

history of the prior three editions is contained elsewhere on this website.

Introduction to Website Supplement

Contents of Website Supplement


In Memoriam to David E. Krebs, DPT, PhD  


Preface to 4th Edition


I. Orientation to Biofeedback


1. The History and Definitions of Biofeedback and Applied Psychophysiology

Mark S. Schwartz, Thomas F. Collura, Joe Kamiya, and Nancy M. Schwartz


2. Entering the Field and Assuring Competence

Fredric Shaffer and Mark S. Schwartz


II. Instrumentation


3. A Primer of “Traditional” Biofeedback Instrumentation

Charles J. Peek


4. Advanced Topics in Surface Electromyography: Instrumentation and Applications

Jeffrey E. Bolek, Ronald Rosenthal, and Richard A. Sherman


5. Cardiorespiratory Measurement and Assessment in Applied Psychophysiology

Richard N. Gevirtz, Mark S. Schwartz, and Paul M. Lehrer


6. Electroencephalographic Measures and Biofeedback: A Primer

Nicola Neumann, Ute Strehl, Niels Birbaumer, and Boris Kotchoubey


7. Quantitative Electroencephalography and Electroencaphalographic


Robert W. Thatcher


8. Introduction to Psychophysiological Assessment and Biofeedback Baselines

John G. Arena and Mark S. Schwartz


9. Consumer- and Home-Based Biofeedback

Mark S. Schwartz and Frank Andrasik


III. Adjunctive/Complementary Interventions


10. Dietary Considerations

Keith I. Block, Charlotte Gyllenhaal, and Mark S. Schwartz


11. Biofeedback and Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions: Reciprocal Contributions

Daniel Hamiel and Arnon Rolnick


IV. Relaxation Interventions


12. Relaxation Today: Self-Stressing and Psychological Relaxation Theory

Jonathan C. Smith


13. Cardiorespiratory Biofeeedback

Richard N. Gevirtz, Paul M. Lehrer, and Mark S. Schwartz


V. Practice Issues


14. Intake and Preparation for Intervention

Mark S. Schwartz


15. Adherence

Jeanetta C. Rains and Mark S. Schwartz


16. Problems Associated with Relaxation Procedures and Biofeedback, and

Guidelines for Management

Mark S. Schwartz, Nancy M. Schwartz, and Vincent J. Monastra


17. Ethical Practice Issues and Concerns

Sebastian Striefel


18. Myths, Insurance, and Other Professional Topics and Issues

Sebastian Striefel, Ronald L. Rosenthal, Robert Whitehouse, and

Mark S. Schwartz


19. Evaluating Research in Clinical Biofeedback

Frank Andrasik and Mark S. Schwartz


VI. Clinical Applications: Traditional General Biofeedback Practitioner


20. Headache

Frank Andrasik and Mark S. Schwartz


21. Temporomandibular Muscle and Joint Disorders

Alan G. Glaros and Leonard L. Lausten


22. Raynaud’s Disease and Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Maria K. Katsamanis, Mark S. Schwartz, and Keith Sedlacek


23. Essential Hypertension

Wolfgang Linden and Angele V. McGrady


24. Diabetes Mellitus

Angele V. McGrady and Deloris M. Lakia


25. Tinnitus: Nothing Is as Loud as a Sound You Are Trying Not to Hear

Herta Flor and Mark S. Schwartz


26. Anxiety Disorders

Arnon Rolnick, Udi Gal, Dana Bassett, and Anat Barnea


27. Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Peter T. Dorsher and Mark S. Schwartz


28. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mark S. Schwartz


29. Asthma

Paul M. Lehrer and Frederick Wamboldt


VII. Clinical Applications: Electroencephalographic, Neuromuscular, and Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Specialties


30. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Vincent J. Monastra and Joel F. Lubar


31. Neuromuscular Reeducation and Gait Training

Timothy L. Fagerson and David E. Krebs


32. Bowel, Bladder, and Pelvic Floor Disorders

Jeanette Tries and Eugene Eisman


VIII. Optimization


33. Performing Artists

Marcie Zinn and Mark Zinn


34. Sports

Vietta Sue Wilson, Wesley E. Sime, and Timothy Harkness


IX. Other Special Populations and Applications


35. Pediatric Applications

Timothy Culbert and Gerard A. Banez


36. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Susan Middaugh


X. The Frontier and a Nod to the Future


37. Biofeedback of Slow Cortical Potentials in Epilepsy

Ute Strehl


38. Traumatic Brain Injury, Quantitative Electroencephalography, and



Kirtley E. Thornton


39. Biofeedback Interventions for Autisim Spectrum Disorders

Lynda Thompson, Michael Thompson, James W. G. Thompson, and Andrea Reid


40. Brain–Computer Communication: An Alternative Communication Channel for Paralyzed Patients

Tobias Kaufmann, Niels Birbaumer, and Andrea Kübler


41. Substance Use Disorders and Neurofeedback,

Estate M. “Tato” Sokhadze, David L. Trudeau, Rex L. Cannon, Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis, and

Richard E. Davis


42. More Frontiers and Further Forward

Mark S. Schwartz and Frank Andrasik







[i] This chapter is a major revision and shortened version of the chapter published in the 2003 edition of this book (Striefel, 2003b).

2. Both of these documents can be obtained from the AAPB at 10200 W. 44th Ave, Suite 304, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-2840.